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State of Maine's response about credit scores and inquiries
Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection responds to enqiry about credit report inquiries and whether no corresponding credit extension affects credit scores #1504M #DotGov 4/16/15

FOUL: FICO (Fair Isaac) false figure
The big credit score company, itself, joins the uninformed, and throws around the 30 percent misinformation. 4/15/15

Easy Wikipedia edits you can make, 2015
Go to Wikipedia now and make these simple edits. You could leave it as it is, but being bold has never been easier! #EasyEdit 3/13/15

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis credit score video review
Interaction with a central bank. A look inside the regional bank of the Eighth Federal Reserve District in the U.S.

The Christian Science Monitor and two credit score utilization ratio experts
#Myth4: Alive, well, and bicoastal, in Massachusetts, Florida and certainly, California

Inquiries effect on credit scores, state of Maine #n523
Message to Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection superintendent #DotGov

Credit score utilization ratio, state of Nevada #n536
#HelloNevada! HelloIllinois! Let us in on the secret to the credit utilization ratio. #DotGov

Credit score gibberish, state of New York #n511
#HelloNewYork! Revamp for the Department of Financial Services. Copy-and-paste. Easy-breezy. #DotGov

Myth 10: The national average credit score With multiple credit bureaus and credit score models, everybody has their own idea. So let's ask them. #myth10 3/30/15

Interdepartmental communication, New Hampshire #n509
#HelloNewHampshire! Here is a message from the governor's press secretary. #DotGov

Credit score mystery: The magic words and the magic number
Words: I'm with the media, and I'm on deadline! Number: 687. #n512. 3/27/15

n539 - Bank name on state of North Dakota website disappears
Information changes following creditscoring.com writer's contact with governor's office and Bremer Bank. 3/26/15

The efficacy of telephone calls with the Associated Press
Put it in writing. Get it in writing. Telephone calls were a waste of time. 3/20/15. More

Credit score averages stated by credit bureaus
U.S. national average credit scores based on different score versions. 2/11/15.

Employment credit reports do not include credit scores
Essential information about #Myth2. It lives, even 7 years later. 2008 (updated 2014).


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