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Urban Legend - Part 2

Last great personal finance newspaper columnist replies

| By Greg Fisher

We need truth more than ever. We still need the morning paper.

Michelle Singletary remains at the Washington Post. She writes the nationally syndicated personal finance column The Color of Money. Meanwhile, Bob Sullivan (formerly MSNBC) is listed on, Brian O'Connor (formerly Detroit News) is on Twitter and former Los Angeles Times columnist Liz Weston writes for the website Nerdwallet.

A message got through. Singletary replied.

FROM: From: Michelle Singletary, Washington Post
TO: Greg Fisher; Bob Annibale, Citi
CC: Stu Kantor, Urban Institute; Diana Elliott, Urban Institute; Ricki Granetz Lowitz, Working Credit NFP
DATE: Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 1:30 PM
SUBJECT: Re: credit score, employers, City

Unfortunately, you failed to mentioned[SIC] that I did point out credit scores are not used in employment decisions. It's a statement people often make not out of malice but in conflating the use of credit scores in other areas. It was an honest misstatement by Bob, who I found tremendously supportive of helping consumers improve their credit score.

So in this case the public did, in the end, get the right information and that is what's important.

Michelle Singletary
Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Columnist
The Washington Post
[email address]
[valid physical postal address]
Twitter: @SingletaryM
Author "The 21 Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom"

Employers do not use credit scores. It is the 10th anniversary of an article about that.

FROM: Greg Fisher,
TO: Michelle Singletary, Washington Post
CC: Bob Annibale, Citi; Stu Kantor, Urban Institute; Diana Elliott, Urban Institute; Ricki Granetz Lowitz, Working Credit NFP
DATE: Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 10:20 AM
SUBJECT: Re: credit score, employers, City

Michelle Singletary, Washington Post

Please forward this message to your publisher, Jeff Bezos.

You wrote, "The scoring system looks at how you use your available credit — not how many cards you have."

Unfortunately, Fair Isaac, the credit scoring company indicates that "Too many bank/national revolving accounts" is a reason in a model that a score is not higher.

You are a stupid man, Mr. Bezos. You published, "Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) made the case in floor remarks shortly after Kennedy's retirement: 'Our Republican colleagues in the Senate should follow the rule they set in 2016: Not to consider a Supreme Court justice in an election year.'”

That is not true. Schumer has never been Majority Leader. You published false information about the history of my country, The United States of America. I take it personally.

What are you doing about that?

Greg Fisher
Truth and Falsity
The Credit Scoring Site
PO Box 342
Dayton, Ohio 45409-0342
mobile/text 937-681-3224

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