The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

September interaction

4. Red Ventures false information about credit scores 20190216
Credit Score Myth 2 continues despite clear information to the contrary.

5. An Open Letter to The Huffington Post - September 5, 2018
False information about credit scores and employers, and writers misidentify a senator.

24. Urban Legend - Part 1
Washington think tank gets press.

25. Urban Legend - Part 2
Last great personal finance newspaper columnist replies.

26. Urban Legend Part 3 - Credit Score Myth 2
Even after a decade of debunking, the biggest scare in personal finance remains. #Myth2

30. Book by David Bach spreads Credit Score Myth 2 - Part 1
And today, Comcast CNBC gives author publicity as he continues to use credit scores as a vehicle.

#1809b - False information, Moneytips

#1809C - False information, Moneytips, syndicated (capital c for CBN)

#1809j - False information, Moneytips, syndicated (capital j for Journal Times)

#1809L - False information, Lousiville. Fisher is not Fischer; false is false.

#1809m - False information about the history of The United States of America

#1809n - Credit Score Myth 4, and Myth 7

#1809o - Washington, D.C.