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Book by David Bach spreads Credit Score Myth 2 - Part 1

And today, Comcast CNBC gives author publicity as he continues to use credit scores as a vehicle

| By Greg Fisher

FROM: Greg Fisher,
TO: Kathleen Elkins, CNBC, Comcast
CC: David Bach,; David Howe, Subscriberwise
DATE: 9/30/18
SUBJECT: credit score, balance

I am in the media, on a deadline and writing* about you. The deadline is tomorrow.

David Bach does not know what he is talking about. I can prove it.

Employers do not use credit scores. It is impossible. However, in one of his books, Bach wrote, "Employers often check the credit scores of prospective employees."

Now, quoting him, you wrote, "'You don't have to use a credit card a lot to build your credit score — you just have to pay your credit card bills on time and pay those cards off in full every month.'"

I don't know that paying in full one month is much different than carrying a balance one month and paying in full the next. What is Bach's email address? I found the one on the cc: line on his website.

Greg Fisher
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The link:

Bach retweets Equifax.

David Bach retweets Equifax

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