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Urban Legend Part 3 - Credit Score Myth 2

Even after a decade of debunking, the biggest scare in personal finance remains. #Myth2

| By Greg Fisher

Credit Score Myth 2 is that employers use credit scores.

Employers do not use credit scores because they cannot even get them. A 2008 document lists official statements from the three main national credit bureaus in which they say that they do not provide credit scores for employment purposes. #Myth2

Credit reports, yes. Scores, no.

A document in the internet domain states, "Lenders use credit scores to decide whether to lend money and at what rate, landlords look at it before taking on tenants, insurers use it to set premiums and employers factor it into their hiring decisions."

That is not true. Employers do not use credit scores (rinse and repeat).

So, after ten years, it is pretty clear that the biggest myth in personal finance is never going to end. On its anniversary, Myth 2 is a touchstone (as originally intended) for the greater problem of misinformation about credit scores, in general. See the list of 26 myths. #Myth27

Like the plague that never really leaves, you may only be able to mitigate it; it may go dormant, but can return. The Swarm is not going to shut up. The Swarm is getting bigger.

Person 1. Dara Duguay calls herself "Executive Director- Credit Builders Alliance."

Person 2. Sarah Chenven is her deputy and is named on a document in the domain It is part of a gambit named "What is the Cost of Poor Credit?" #TheCompanyHeKeeps

That is a big question for big thinkers.

Susan Tachau calls herself the CEO of the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation. She is one of those "passionate" people.

According to Tachau, Duguay said, "Almost 50% of employers use credit scores in hiring decisions."

Employers do not use credit scores. Second verse (same as the first). #Myth2 #ATloans2018

According to NPR, regarding a study released by the Urban Institute, "'Credit scores are used to determine eligibility for jobs, access to rental housing and mortgages, insurance premiums, and access to (and the price of) credit in general,' the study concluded."

Employers do not use credit scores. Really.

In March, the byline of "This Is What A Good NPR Correction Sounds Like" is NPR Ombudsman.

The people in Washington don't know everything (obviously). They just pretend to. They wear a good game face. #ThePeopleNearTheSeas

Margery Austin Turner is Senior Vice President for Program Planning and Management at the Urban Institute. She is an expert at something.

The top person of the Urban Institute is Sarah Rosen Wartell. #TopPerson

Follow the activity of Item #1809o using that hashtag.

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