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False information in first sentence of report spread by CBS News

Syndicated error of fundamental United States history

| By Greg Fisher

Open letter to WDEF-TV, Chatanooga

FROM: Greg Fisher, The Credit Scoring Site
TO: Dutch Terry, WDEF-TV, Chatanooga, Facility ID 54385, Morris Multimedia
Dutch Terry (via email address on home page of
Phil Cox, WDEF-TV
Jason Gross, Petal Card, Inc.
Dave Shellenberger, Fair Isaac (via G. Jawski, Porter Novelli)
Chief engineer, WDEF-TV

Your website is still false, Mr. Terry. It says that Senator Schumer is Majority Leader. He is not. The false statement is a syndicated error originating with CBS News. #syndicatederror

WDEF-TV, Chatanooga false information

I have not heard from you, the news director. I left voicemail messages for you, your general manager and your chief engineer. I called your newsroom and nobody answered.

You published

"'The credit score is a fundamental building block to achieve financial milestones,' [financial startup Petal Card, Inc. CEO Jason] Gross added. 'We're seeing them used in employment applications, housing applications as well as credit. And the system, as currently constituted, does not serve people equally.'"

CBS News. (2018, October 23). New FICO score: Millennials could be big winners. Retrieved from #syndicatederror

However, a representative of Transunion, a consumer reporting agency that compiles and maintains files on consumers on a nationwide basis, testified, "Now, credit scores aren't used in employment decisions so let's get that straight."

Experian, another such agency states, "Employers never get credit scores."

Equifax, yet another such agency told me, "We do not knowingly provide scores for pre employment screening."

Equifax reply

Falsity remains. What are you doing about that?

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