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CBS acknowledgement of false credit score information

Moneywatch executive editor responds with email; error just disappears.

| By Greg Fisher


A line of communication is established.

from: Glenn Coleman, [executive editor, CBS Moneywatch]
to: Greg Fisher (
cc: Daniel Schorn [managing editor, CBS Moneywatch]
date: Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 2:10 PM
subject: Re: credit score, employers, CBS News

Dear Mr. Fisher: Thank you for pointing out that employers do no use credit scores when reviewing the credit reports of job candidates. We have deleted that line from the CBS MoneyWatch story, and we will inform Ray Martin of the change when he returns from vacation. Best to you and your education efforts. Sincerely, Glenn Coleman.

from: Greg Fisher (
to: Glenn Coleman
cc: Daniel Schorn
date: Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 11:50 PM
subject: Re: credit score, employers, CBS News, June 1

Thank you, but your correction is troubling in that it makes it appear that the error never happened. That is inconsistent with this headline, for instance: "Correction: US-Nielsens-List story."

What's the difference?

Myth 2 (employment) is just one urban legend that became a touchstone. After years of documenting the phenomenon, people now giggle about it. But, there are many myths about credit scores. Another CBS Moneywatch item refers, falsely, to an "850-point scale."

That is Credit Score Myth 6. The term in your article is off by 300 points (the scale only has 550 points-- it runs 300 to 850). #Myth6

Will you make a correction?

Did you get the message I sent you about that last month? #1606j

Greg Fisher
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