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CBS Moneywatch false information about credit scores and employers

Repeats Credit Score Myth 2 falsity

| By Greg Fisher

From: Greg Fisher []
To: Glenn Coleman, executive editor, CBS Moneywatch; Ray Martin, Moneywatch (via D. Schorn, managing editor, CBS Moneywatch)
Date: July 26, 2016
Subject: credit score, employers, CBS News

See this message and your response at I talked to Daniel Schorn, CBS Moneywatch managing editor today.

Your website is false.

You published

Lenders use your score to determine whether they'll approve your loan and the interest rate you'll pay. Car insurance companies look at your score to decide if they'll insure you and how much to charge for the policy. Cell phone companies use it to approve an application for a new account. Landlords use it when deciding if they'll rent an apartment to you. Employers often review it as a part of their background check before hiring you.

Martin, R. (2016, July 15). Why it pays to know your credit score. Retrieved July 26, 2016, from

Employers do not use credit scores. I looked into it.

In April, another part of your organization made the same error (and, subsequently removed the word employer).

Will you make a correction?

Did you even get my message?

What is Ray Martin's telephone number?

Follow #1607v, the index for this item.

Finally, and most importantly, please acknowledge this message by replying to it today.

Greg Fisher
Truth and Falsity
The Credit Scoring Site
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Dayton, Ohio 45409-0342
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