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Average credit score

Myth 10: The national average credit score
With multiple credit bureaus and credit score models, everybody has their own idea. So let's ask them. #myth10

Credit score averages stated by credit bureaus
U.S. national average credit scores based on different score versions

What is the average credit score?
The real median credit score (the one lenders use). Don't believe everything you read (particularly about average scores in the 670s).

FICO states average score
FICO CEO's "mid 600s" statement differs from company line in the past

Average credit score chart, FHA loans
HUD trend statistics for government insured FHA loans and their FICO scores

National and state average FICO credit scores
Fair Isaac publishes elusive statistics wth little definition on the homepage of its consumer website

Average FICO credit score, the real average, utterances
Various statements of the average FICO credit score number. But, their various numbers can't all be right.

Average credit score trend analysis/time series chart
The ups and downs. Are credit scores getting better or worse?