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Open letter about credit scores to Quicken Loans' Dan Gilbert

Employers do not use credit scores. Dan Gilbert did not learn that, so here we go again: Credit Score Myth 2. #falseinformation

| By Greg Fisher

Open letter

Greg Fisher,

November 30, 2018

Dan Gilbert, billionaire

Dear Mr. Gilbert:

Employers do not use credit scores; I looked into that a long time ago. You even sent me a message about it. I exist.

However, your website falsely states, "Employers may also look at your credit score to determine if you make sound decisions, manage money well and will be a good fit for the company." #falsity


The link in that sentence even leads to a document dated just months before that states, contradictorily, "While employers can’t look at your credit score ... "

Stop it, Mr. Gilbert!

What is wrong?

Greg Fisher

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