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Open letter about credit scores to Brian L. Roberts, NBC

False information about U.S. history, and no substantiation about credit scores

| By Greg Fisher

Open Letter

Greg Fisher,

December 3, 2018

Brian L. Roberts, NBC News, Comcast
New York

Liz Johnstone, Politics editor, @NBCNews
New York

Leigh Ann Caldwell, NBC News
Washington, D.C.

Thomas E. Murphy, Murphy & Sylvest

Shammara Lawrence, writer
New York

Margaret Omalley, Better editor, NBC News
New York

Dear Mr. Roberts:

Shammara Lawrence wrote

Picture this: You get an email notification that your credit card bill is almost due. You acknowledge the reminder and swiftly move it to trash. A couple of days later, you get another saying that you need to make a payment tomorrow. Any reasonable person would simply pay it off then and there, or set a reminder for the next morning so they know to take care of it. But not you. You let the bill sit there, unpaid, until it’s a week past due and you’re hit with added interest.

Well, I’m not proud to admit I’ve been in that exact predicament once before, which resulted in a lowered credit score, a significant factor in one’s financial health — and all because of my own laziness.

That is not true. It is impossible. A credit score cannot be lowered by a payment that is a week past due because credit bureau files do not contain any data for anything that is less than 30 days past due. I call what you published Credit Score Myth 13.

Perhaps the writer is lazier than she admits.

Here is a verity test using something less arcane than credit scoring. You published, "Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told NBC News that he dropped his objection to the extension even though there wasn't an agreement yet on the larger spending bill."

NBC false information

You are wrong. Everybody knows that Schumer is not Majority Leader. Even the writer, Leigh Ann Caldwell knows it: Another article of hers refers eventually referred to him as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

NBC correction

Please review all your stories. I am.

To put an extremely fine point on the issue of communicating with me (or, as the case may be, not communicating), I registered the domain, and that makes it hard to miss this message. It appears that Ms. Caldwell did not renew.

Maybe you all are aghast. Maybe you are amused. Maybe you could not care less. Whatever the case, false is false, and I am not putting up with your megalomania. If U.S. citizens can't get cooperation on something as simple as fundamental American history, what chance does credit scoring have?

What is wrong, Ms. Omalley?

Mr. Murphy, in Lawrence's article, you said: "For example, get a credit card and use it to buy a pizza. [Let’s] assume it’s $12.50. Use it for nothing else. Pay $13.00 then wait a month. Do it again. That $0.50 positive credit does interesting things to your credit rating."

What things?

Greg Fisher
Truth and Falsity
The Credit Scoring Site
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