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December 17, 2013 | By Greg Fisher

Dan Gilbert is a really big big shot. And, his website is false.

But, to his credit, he's working on getting things right. Gilbert's Quizzle.com states, correctly

Employers may check your credit report to gain insight into your obligations and how financially responsible you are. However, employers are not allowed to check your credit score.

Contrary to popular belief, employers are not allowed to check your credit score. http://t.co/3hLXdgxSdy #creditscore

— Quizzle.com (@Quizzle) October 26, 2013

However, it also states, incorrectly

Employers are checking credit scores: More employers are asking prospective employees (or current employees) to go through an employer credit check to help find the most trustworthy, reliable employees. Is your credit score ready to pass the test?

Indeed, telling you that was so important to Gilbert's organization, it was the first of the "Quizzle Links of the Week."

Employers do not use credit scores.

What is wrong at Quizzle is unclear because Gilbert has not explained. But at least, unlike many others, he responds.

Dan Gilbert is trying.