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Credit score experts on utilization ratio Part 2

Five months later, a follow up message to those from the first round and a new message to a second group

| By Greg Fisher

PREVIOUSLY: Unnamed financial experts and their advice on credit scores

Last time, 80% did not respond.

FROM: Greg Fisher,
Tara Struyk
Lauren Debter (previously Gensler), staff writer, Forbes
Lindsay Konsko, Nerdwallet
Ken Lin, CEO and founder, Credit Karma
Gary Phoebus, NEA Member Benefits
Asaf Peled, Mental Floss, Sporority
Brian Acton
Ben Luthi, contributor to Student Loan Hero
Kristin Wong, contributing writer, Lifehacker
Nationwide Bank, charter no. 714970 #n714970
Bev Oshea, Nerdwallet
DATE: Date: Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 1:27 PM
SUBJECT: Re: Fwd: credit score, ratio, 30%, experts

I am in the media, on a deadline and writing about you. The deadline is tomorrow. #Myth4

Allow me to put a finer point on this issue. A representative of Fair Isaac (the company with the secret about so-called utilization ratios), an actual expert said, "There is some misconception out there that there's a hard and fast threshold above which the consumer will start hurting their score, below which it's helping the consumer's FICO score."

Not just 5, but 6 more examples of that! I arranged the quotes by length. Name two such experts. I will take it up with them. #2experts

Myth 4 score lore, Round 2

"And while on a strictly practical basis having less credit available to you is probably a good idea, experts typically recommend that you never allow your credit utilization ratio to exceed 30%." - Tara Struyk

"If you had balances of $10,000 between the remaining three cards, your utilization ratio would suddenly jump to 66%, well above the 30% recommended by experts." - Lauren Debter

"Most experts say you shouldn’t use more than 30% of your credit limit on any one card." - Lindsay Konsko

"Most experts recommend keeping your overall credit card utilization below 30 percent." - "CK Staff"

"Experts say you want your utilization ratio to go no higher than 30 percent." - NEA Member Benefits

"Experts suggest keeping your credit usage below 30 percent." - Tag: Allstate; "content="Presented by Allstate.""

This might look easy. For those of you who have not replied since May, please do so today lest you appear to be dragging your feet.

Greg Fisher
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