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Correction of The Week, Part 1

False accounts of the history of The United States of America from The Week, Dennis Publishing, Exponent Private Equity LLP

| By Greg Fisher

PERSON: Richard Lenane [his email address is public]
NUMBER: #n1138891
ENTITY: The Week ( Dennis Publishing, Exponent Private Equity LLP
ERROR: Error 9 #Error9
MYTH: Credit Score Myth 2 #Myth2

Brendan Morrow made a false statement that was published in "The Week." The subsequent correction contains an error.

This month, in the same publication, Jeff Spross wrote, "These days, nearly two thirds of employers reportedly use credit histories when assessing applicants (though they can't see the actual score), even though there's effectively no evidence those reports are a predictor of an employee's quality or character."

However, Shaun Plum and Matthew Walther each falsely wrote that employers do use credit scores while, actually, employers do not use credit scores.

Falsity remains.

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