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Open letter to New York Times about credit scores, 20200224

Famous newspaper publishes false information about credit scores

| By Greg Fisher

Open Letter

Greg Fisher

February 24, 2020

New York Times

Dear Editor:

Employers do not use credit scores. That fact was documented over a decade ago.

The New York Times states, "Employers don’t use credit scores in employment screening, but they can and do access credit reports."

And, Nerdwallet states that "your employer won’t actually see your credit score — just a modified version of your credit report."

Also, The Associated Press states, "While employers cannot get a person’s credit score, they can discover legal judgments or bankruptcies."

However, an article published by the Times last month falsely states, "FICO and VantageScore make different versions of scores that lenders, employers and landlords use to size up your credit habits." #2001N

The top of the item states, "By The Associated Press." At the bottom, it says, "This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Amrita Jayakumar is a writer at NerdWallet. Email: Twitter: @ajbombay."

The same false information exists at and


Greg Fisher

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