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Mcclatchy false information

Error regarding the United States of America

| By Greg Fisher

A syndicated error is one that spreads through media industry repetition of an article. #SyndicatedError

In 2011, a columnist for the Mcclatchy Company, a media organization, wrote, falsely: "However, if you're shopping for a single type of loan in a short period of time – say to finance a home or auto, those multiple credit inquiries are treated as a single request and won't count against you. Same for an employer requesting your credit score for a job application." #n531

Employers do not use credit scores because they cannot even get them. There are only 500 days until the 10th anniversay of statements by the national consumer reporting agencies regarding the notion.

Due to syndication, Mcclatchy's error still exists. It remains on the website of the Wilmington Star News (founded 1867 as the Morning Star).

According to a Star News item dated January 9, "Veteran newspaper executive Mike Distelhorst has been named publisher of the StarNews."

The top person of Mcclatchy is Craig Forman. #MrTalamantes

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