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Groundhog Day, 2017 - Mcclatchy falsity

Residual nonsense about credit scores and employers and the history of the United States of America

| By Greg Fisher

To: Rosalind Mclymont, executive editor, Network Journal
From: Greg Fisher []
Date: Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 9:26 AM
Subject: credit score, employers, Mcclatchy, Bradenton Herald, Network Journal #1701aj

I am in the media, am on a deadline (it is tomorrow) and I am writing about you, Ms. Mclymont.

See this message and your response at [this page].

Also, see the page "Mcclatchy false information."

Your website states, falsely: "However, if you're shopping for a single type of loan in a short period of time — say, to finance a home or auto — those multiple credit inquiries are treated as a single request and won't count against you. Same for an employer requesting your credit score for a job application."

Buck, C. (2011, July 25). Loan rejections soon to come with explanation. Retrieved February 02, 2017, from

Below that hogwash is "Source: McClatchy-Tribune Information Services."

That word source is important. I have been searching for the sources of that silly nonsense for years. In fact, in only 500 days, it will be a decade.

Employers do not use credit scores. I looked into it. See statements in 2008 by the three national consumer reporting agencies that they do not even provide credit scores for employment purposes.

But, we're on the same page, anyway. Even you have finally come to the realization of the matter, publishing: "You might have heard that your poor credit score can also tank your chances for a great job opportunity. But this isn’t exactly true. Your credit history can make a difference, however."

Bird, B. (2016, December 2). 6 Times Your Credit Score Matters Most. Retrieved February 02, 2017, from

What is your correction policy?

You don't have to ask Mcclatchy for permission to make a correction and neither does Joan Krauter, the editor of the Bradenton Herald. If you don't want to make a correction, then provide the names of two such employers. Then, I'll call the credit reporting agencies and have them kicked out of the system.

You'll be famous. #1107d

By the way, your website also states (in an article dated last month), "A credit utilization ratio of 30 percent or less tells credit bureaus you’re spending within your means."

Casey, N. (2017, January 3). 6 Habits of People with Great Credit Scores. Retrieved February 02, 2017, from

Huh? What's so special about 30 percent? Nothing I know. #Myth4

Who the source of that information?

Phew! After having followed Myth 2 so long, I'm almost exhausted. Will you help me? See Credit Score Myth 4.

Tarry not. Suffer no fools. Happy Groundhog Day.

Greg Fisher
Truth and Falsity
The Credit Scoring Site
PO Box 342
Dayton, Ohio 45409-0342
mobile/text 937-681-3224

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