The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

February interaction

2. Groundhog Day, 2017 - Mcclatchy falsity
Residual nonsense about credit scores and employers and the history of the United States of America

8. NCUA hyperlink to Kelley Holland CNBC article
U.S. National Credit Union Administration writes about credit scores; Comcast's CNBC gets a link #GetsTheLink

9. NBC error due to Brian L. Roberts megalomania
Syndicated error of fact flows through Comcast websites #SyndicatedError

10. NBC News false report and chain of accountability
A media error regarding fundamental fact about a credit score; identifying the man in the middle

20. Buzzfeed's false information
Message to media organization

22. Credit Score Myth 4: A 30% so-called utilization ratio
Some guy going on about 60 percent, now, too