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NBC News false report and chain of accountability

A media error regarding fundamental fact about a credit score; identifying the man in the middle

| By Greg Fisher

A CNBC report under the name Landon Dowdy states, "'Some employers are even factoring your credit score into their hiring decisions because it shows your credibility and trustworthiness,' said Jackie Lin-Ham, a certified financial planner at Brewster Financial Planning in Brooklyn, New York."

Employers do not use credit scores because they cannot even get them. The false notion is Credit Score Myth 2.

TO: Ben Popken, NBC
CC: True Viral News #InformationsMan; Landon Dowdy, CNBC, Comcast
FROM: Greg Fisher,
DATE: Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 1:03 PM
SUBJECT: credit score, falsity, free, scale, NBC chain of accountability

You wrote, "FICO credit scores are a proprietary product that assign a score from 300-800 based on a combination of the credit history from each of the three major credit bureaus." #falsity

Popken, B. (2017, January 04). Bureaus busted for selling credit scores with quotes around them... Retrieved February 10, 2017, from

That is not true. Fair Isaac indicates that some FICO scores have a scale of 300-850, but mentions none at 300-800.

You must be mortified. #1701ab

Worse, you're not. The same article also states

Nothing Is Free

Consumers should know there is no completely free place to get your literal FICO credit score. Zero.

However, a press release from last year states, "Starting today, everyone can check their FICO Credit Score for free by using Discover’s new Credit Scorecard, including those who are not Discover customers."

I know who wrote your article and I know the top person of the organization responsible for it, but I do not know those in between. What are their names? #topperson

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