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NCUA hyperlink to Kelley Holland CNBC article

U.S. National Credit Union Administration writes about credit scores; Comcast's CNBC gets a link #GetsTheLink

| By Greg Fisher

Yesterday, the U.S. National Credit Union Administration altered one of its documents.

The change came after the Credit Scoring Site article "Federal NCUA publishes false information about credit scores #Myth2."

The agency's action is a breakthrough in elminating false information. However, an internet hyperlink in the same document gives credence to an organization with little regard for truth, the Comcast Corporation. #getsthelink

Brian Roberts Gets The Link

At best, the only thing you can expect is that an organization will not do something like that again. While not ideal, it would be some progress (in an unsatisfying passive way).

Credit Score Myth 2 is the false notion that employers use credit scores and the error the NCUA committed. Comcast, whose top person is Brian L. Roberts, does the same-- in multiple instances. #MrRoberts

Employers do not use credit scores because they cannot even get them.

However, according to another article by the same author whose work is cited as an NCUA footnote, "And while Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has introduced legislation to make the practice illegal, for now employers can use credit scores to evaluate job applicants."

Of course, even more troubling than the spread of Myth 2, itself, are the words and person Elizabeth Warren. She has never come to terms with her part in a decade-long fiasco. Years before becoming a U.S. senator, replying to a Credit Scoring Site question, she wrote, "But hundreds of academic and news reports document the fact that credit scores are provided for pre-employment screening."

Again, to be clear, employers do not use credit scores. And, the author of the only such paper Warren produced replied that his work "is silent on the question of whether credit scores are being used in employment decisions."

Evidence of stupidity

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Roberts' far-flung empire, he published and maintains false information about the United States of America: "Ifill's death sparked a bipartisan outpouring of condolences from other politicians, ranging from House Majority Leader Paul Ryan to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi."

Rep. Ryan has never been Majority Leader.

Follow the activity of Item #0807c using that hashtag.

Falsity remains.

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