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Federal NCUA publishes false information about credit scores #Myth2

Anonymously authored 2016 U.S. National Credit Union Administration document falsely states that employers use credit scores #1604ac

| By Greg Fisher

Employers do not use credit scores. In fact, they cannot even get them.

In April of 2008, the three national credit reporting agencies in the United States stated that they do not provide credit scores for employment purposes. On April 24th of that year, those statements were published in the internet domain

The 10th anniversary of that document is 400 days away.

A Transunion representative wrote, "TransUnion does not provide a credit score for employment screening purposes."

Experian's spokesman said, "Experian's business policy prevents the inclusion of credit scores with an employment report, at Experian called Employment Insight."

An Equifax official wrote, "We do not knowingly provide scores for pre employment screening."

On the contrary, in an anonymously authored document dated April, 2016, a federal agency in the United States, the National Credit Union Administration stated: "Other organizations also use credit scores to make decisions. Often insurance companies, landlords and even employers use them to evaluate applicants." #creditunions

United States of America, National Credit Union Administration, Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives. (2016, April). Serving the Credit-Invisible (p. 6).

The organization's response when alerted to its falsity is more important than the error. The executive director of the NCUA is Mark Treichel. #1604ac

Urban legends never end. It is unclear who said it first, but the three credit bureaus, themselves, exacerbated the false claim by repeating it. #Myth2

It is Credit Score Myth 2.

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