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Huffington Post interaction

Satire by HuffPo blogger and political satirist at American News X and another mention of 30 percent

| By Greg Fisher

Trying to be funny, Marty Rudoy, Huffington Post blogger and political satirist at American News X wrote, "'We know she’s guilty,' said House majority Leader Paul Ryan, 'We just don’t know what high crimes and misdemeanors she’s going to have committed yet.'"

But, Kevin McCarthy is Majority Leader. Ryan is Speaker. Verizon Communications owns the Huffington Post.

That was May. In March, Rudoy wrote, "House Majority Leader Paul Ryan is another recent convert."

Also in March, Rudoy wrote, "'Voters deserve a serious consideration of the issues, without taunts and without name calling,' said House Majority Leader Paul Ryan."

Something actually funny is that Rudnoy also wrote a piece last month titled "Mistake Found on Internet."

Meanwhile, in "6 Things You Should Know About Your Credit Score," Huffington Post business reporter Shane Ferro sloppily writes: "The key to a good credit score is the ratio between how much credit you use compared to how much you are extended, so having a couple of cards can be good for your score. That ratio should be less than 30%percent[SIC]. For example if you have a $10,000 credit limit, keep your spending below $3,000 per month."

What she thinks is so special about 30 percent is unclear.

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