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Credit Score Myth 24 Repeated By PYMNTS #Myth24

No writer named for misstatement of scale of famous credit score brand; Financial Times gets a link #1510J

| By Greg Fisher

Social media is imploding.

An article on a website states, "FICO determines a consumer’s credit score by evaluating a series of criteria to determine likeliness to repay and ranking them with a score from 350-800." #Myth24

By Pymnts. (2018, January 02). FICO Monopoly On Mortgage Lending Threatened. Retrieved June 1, 2018, from

That is false. There is no FICO score with such a scale. See Credit Score Myth 24. The story, published at, links to the (infamous) Financial Times. #SocialScienceFiction

In its HTML code, the title of another page is <title>Social Media Can Boost Or Break Credit Scores |</title>. The headline on the page (as if it will actually explain the frightening -- albeit silly -- notion) is "How Social Media Posts Impact Creditworthiness." #SillyNonsense

A Fair Isaac spokesman clarified: "The headline about social media posts created a misperception. FICO is not utilizing Facebook data, or any other type of social media data, in calculating FICO Scores."

Last month, there was no reply from the organization responsible for the website's -- ahem -- content. #TheContactGame

FROM: Greg Fisher,
TO: Karen Webster, expert, and CEO, Market Platform Dynamics; Alexander Terzian, VP, Data and Content Solutions, PYMNTS
DATE: Thursday, May 31, 2018, 12:49 PM
SUBJECT: Re: credit score, date, 1956

Employers do not use credit scores. I looked into it over a decade ago.

What is the name of the person who wrote, "He also digs into how credit scores are used for determining if an employee would be a good employee — despite the fact that credit reports take into account for multiple types of debt, including medical bill debt"?

By PMNTS. (2016, April 14). Last Week Tonight Takes On Credit Report Errors. Retrieved May 31, 2018, from

I wrote about you yesterday. Reply today, please.

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