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The Grand Junction Credit Score Story

Credit Score Myth 8 appears in local Colorado newspaper. Comedy ensues.

| By Greg Fisher

FROM: Greg Fisher,
TO: Jim Kaiser, branch manager, Cherry Creek Mortgage #n1721861
CC: Mike Wiggins, managing editor, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
DATE: June 5, 2018
SUBJECT: credit score, length of history

I am in the media, on a deadline and writing about you.

That's a line inspired by outgoing answering machine messages of people in so-called 'media relations.' It goes something like this: "If you're in the media and on deadline, call my cell phone at... "

See this message and your response at

You wrote

Fourth, don't close your existing accounts. If you have ten credit cards, then it is probably ok to close some of them. However, you are closing out the payment history on these accounts. It would be best if you closed the accounts that you have had the shortest history and keep the accounts open with the longest history.

I hope this provides you a plan to maximize your credit score.


Kaiser, J. (2018, June 04). Jim's Credit Corner. Retrieved June 5, 2018, from

Well, I'd like to know where you got the notion about closing out the payment history. That is horrible advice. See Credit Score Myth 8. Your number is n1721861. #n1721861

Please reply today (if you don't, I'll just go over your head). This is important -- for all of us. #n1915

Greg Fisher
Truth and Falsity
The Credit Scoring Site
PO Box 342
Dayton, Ohio 45409-0342
mobile/text 937-681-3224

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