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Easy Wikipedia edits you can make, 2015

Go to Wikipedia now and make these simple edits. You could leave it as it is, but being bold has never been easier! #EasyEdit

. Updated April 28, 2014. | By Greg Fisher

#EasyEdit: Dead link to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. ("Ranking")

#EasyEdit: If a #range is (as Wikipedia says) 300 to 850, then what is the difference of the extremes (550) called?

#EasyEdit: Score Power is not spelled *ScorePower.* See

#EasyEdit: Scores are based SOLELY "on information in consumer credit reports," not PRIMARILY.

(To @Jimmy_Wales) Another #EasyEdit You Can Make, #WikiWiki-pedians! Editor is, not @JohnYemma.

#Wikipedia. Dead link to a false document. #1504W #Myth2 #EasyEdit U Can Make #HelloCalifornia