The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

False information published by Nerdwallet - 20200316

Even after a drubbing over spreading certain false information, a popular personal finance website maintains the same false notion

| By Greg Fisher

The website Nerdwallet states: "Because of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you'll have to sign a form giving the employer permission to access your credit information first. On top of that, your employer won't actually see your credit score — just a modified version of your credit report."

However, in contradiction, another of Nerdwallet's pages falsely states

Most people think you only need a credit score if you want to borrow money. But the truth is that lots of people look at your credit score. Landlords, insurance agents and potential employers may also review your score – and you’re not borrowing money from them.

Employers do not use credit scores. That fact was established on The Credit Scoring Site a long, long time ago. Earlier this month, regarding the same issue, an article involving ABC News, the Associated Press and Nerdwallet was corrected. However, the original page remains, and without the correction.

The top person of Nerdwallet is its CEO, Tim Chen.

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