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Credit scores according to Lendingtree (not Lending Tree)

Lendingtree CEO Doug Lebda and Credit Score Myths 4 and 12 #Myth4 #n512 #Myth12 #n1136

| By Greg Fisher

There are credit scores, and then there are important credit scores.

Three individual credit score models are used in the mortgage lending industry. The number is three because that industry has three sources of consumer payment history in the form of credit reports: Equifax, Experian and Transunion. The highest credit score in mortgage lending is 844, not 850. #Myth12

And, there is nothing special about a 30 percent utilization ratio. #Myth4

Here is something that happened beginning in 2015.

Singletary replied to another message in 2018.

2015 - Credit Score Myth 4 #Myth4 #n1136

See other information about Kristine Snyder, formerly of Experian. #Myth4 #1508b

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