The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

February interaction

4. Credit score consumer report, WTHR-TV, FCC ID 70162
Credit score, credit report television news report on the public airwaves in Indianapolis, Indiana, February, 2015 #1502I
4. The name of one credit card company
FCC-licensed television station tells writer to send email #1502I
9. Equifax, [Blankity] CREDIT SCORING MODEL?
The Equifax Score (with the 280-350 scale) compared to a 300-850 one. #mocketing
12. Text message to Equifax (hashtag #mocketing)
After no response to the email message on Monday, another attempt at contact using a different method #1502T
19. Credit scores according to Lendingtree (not Lending Tree)
Lendingtree CEO Doug Lebda and Credit Score Myths 4 and 12. #Myth4 #n512 #Myth12 #n1136
24. Article about its falsity submitted to Huffington Post
AOL property publishes false information about U.S. history. A subsequent article is proposed for the sake of truth. 516 words.