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Eureka - A missing quotation mark

Columnist moves on after the Times-Standard of Digital First Media publishes an item

| By Greg Fisher

Employers do not use credit scores.

However (unfortunately), a page at states

Ghetto-ization is costly. Ghettos rarely get adequate community services like garbage clean-up, etc. Black children have the highest exposure to lead of any race. Ghettos are usually not located in close proximity to jobs, shopping and cultural enrichment. Ghetto stores tend to be expensive and because the ghetto-ized have no choice about where they live rents tend to be higher. Economist Ethan Cohen-Cole said, “…I find qualitatively large differences in the amount of credit offered to similarly qualified applicants living in black versus white areas” and 60 percent of employers use credit scores in hiring decisions. Subprime loans targeted non-whites, 58.5 percent of blacks received high-cost loans, 45.5 percent of Hispanics and 15.9 percent of whites. The economic exploitation of non-whites is built into the system, by law and by practice.”[SIC] (“Redlining,” The Review of Economics and Statistics, 2009.)

The writer agreed that a quotation mark is missing, but has "long moved on."

The top person of the news organization who published the item containing that paragraph is, apparently, Steven Rossi.

Also, the websites of Digital First Media's Denver Post and Morgan Carroll ("for Congress") state, erroneously, "With all of the contentious issues before Colorado legislature, it was somewhat of a surprise to see this morning that the the[SIC] biggest partisan floor fight this year was over credit scores."

That screw-up is in the first sentence of the article, no less.

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