The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

January interaction

3. Error in the Bakersfield Californian
Giving its keys to others, newspaper plays the content game and loses

4. KPRC-TV journalist wants clarification about credit scores
Houston television station consumer investigative reporter provides email address; seeks knowledge, asks question

4. KPRC-TV reporter sees "no cause for a correction"
Expert in Houston mentions the ever-present "meeting," offers unsolicited help #1512aa #TX (#n528) #Myth2

5. Credit Score Myths 1 and 2 on KPRC-TV, Houston broadcast
Graham Holdings Company television station #n53117 misinforms viewers

12. FINRA's advice for your future
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. information about credit scores, circa January 9, 2015

15. A transcript for truth draft #WILLYOUHELPME
Credit scores, Connecticut, and Carroll, state of Colorado, United States of America #1202C

15. Credit Score Myth 3 and the Associated Press
It's history

18. Credit score reason code 04: Too many bank/national revolving accounts
Gannett newspaper in Sheboygan publishes information by former executive director of Family Service Association

20. Eureka - A missing quotation mark
Columnist moves on after the Times-Standard of Digital First Media publishes an item

21. Rossi's newspaper corrections after page
Eureka Times-Standard, Digital First Media removes errant quotation mark and adds attribution