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Brad Smith's Company's Message About His False Information

KS of the QuickBooks social media support team @qbcares (''... and we're here to help.'') responds

| By Greg Fisher

Employers do not use credit scores.

According to the website in the domain, "This is important because credit scores are not provided with those employment specific reports. Read that again, please."

That document is dated 2010.

An item located in the same domain dated 2011 states: "The truth is employers do not use credit scores. They're not even available to employers so it's impossible for them to be used for employment screening."

Indeed, the title of that piece is "Four Horribly False Credit Score Myths."

An item in a 2014 listicle is "Myth #6: Credit scores are used by employers as part of employment screening."

Last week, a page in the internet domain stated

Lenders, landlords, and employers use your credit score to determine your trustworthiness.

Mint now tells you your score and how to improve it.

That is false information. #scoretactics

Employers do not use credit scores. #creditscares

Eight years. The beat goes on. #megalomania

Here is what happened next.

Follow the activity of Item #1612d using that hashtag. Also, see #Myth2.

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