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Credit score utilization ratio, state of Nevada #n536

#HelloNevada! HelloIllinois! Let us in on the secret to the credit utilization ratio. #DotGov

| By Greg Fisher

From: Jennifer Hudson
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 5:35 PM
Subject: From ComPsych

Greg - as we discussed, please send me that article so I can get to the bottom of it.

Thank you,

Jennifer Hudson
PR Manager
ComPsych Corporation
[address, phone, fax, email]

From: Greg Fisher []
Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2015 3:05 PM
To: Jennifer Hudson, ComPsych Corporation
Subject: RE: From ComPsych, #n536


Greg Fisher
PO Box 342
Dayton, Ohio 45409-0342

Not email

Ms. Hudson:

Make sure that the top person of your organization gets a copy of this message. I believe his name is Chaifetz. DO NOT reply to this message; I want to hear from him, not you.

Before you hung up on me our conversation mysteriously abruptly ended, you said that you were trying to help me. That's funny.

Richard A. Chaifetz
Chairman and CEO
ComPsych Corporation

Dr. Chaifetz:

A document that contains the seal of the state of Nevada states: "Try to keep your account balances below 75 percent of your available credit. For instance, if you have a credit card with a $1,000 limit, keep the balance owed below $750."

What is the basis for that advice?

Compared to conventional wisdom–30 percent–it sounds daffy. But we are learning that conventional wisdom is daffy, too. #Myth4

Send your answer to and identify yourself, please.

Greg Fisher
Truth and Falsity
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The Credit Scoring Site
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