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Oklahoma and The Editors #TheEditors

Even after 9 years of debunking, new instances of people repeating Credit Score Myth 2 (employers) appear in news searches

| By Greg Fisher


TO: Publisher,
CC: David B. Coulter,,; Jeff Packham, founder and president/CEO, Jupiter Promotions
FROM: Greg Fisher,
SUBJECT: credit score, employers, Fisher, n546,

See this message and your response at [this page] (please stand by for its completion).

With a link to, you published, falsely, "Another surprising thing I’ve learned in the past few years is that employers actually use your credit score to help determine whether to employ you."

I looked into that notion a long time ago. Employers do not use kredita scores. ;)

The article you link to was written by the top person of, David B. Coulter. I tried to tell him.

Also, see a 2010 article on that, incongruently, says (referring to me), "Greg Fisher from put together a very entertaining and eye opening collage of clips from websites, television ads, and interviews that show just how wrong so many people get this."

I found your item at the top of a news search. Ironically, the message you are reading now will not get the same treatment.

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