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Fortune Magazine writer finally replies

Anne "Ask Annie" Fisher finally finds email and responds to it. A real doozy.

| By Greg Fisher


from: Anne Fisher, columnist, Ask Annie, Fortune Magazine
date: Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 9:35 AM
subject: RE: credit score, falsity, CNN, #1007F

Ah! OK, I see this thread now — don't know why it didn't show up here before. But you know, Time Inc. and CNN are 2 separate companies now (as of 2 years ago). So you're asking me to print a correction to a story that a) is 6 years old (?!) and 2) was published by an organization where I don't even work anymore, and that is a whole separate company now. Not going to happen. Besides, what Experian and TransUnion might have told you 6 years ago and what they're telling you now could be two entirely different things — partly because, in the intervening 6 years, as you know, many states have passed laws prohibiting or limiting employers' use of credit scores in hiring decisions. So of course *now* the credit bureaus don't want to violate those laws, or be perceived as violating them. Six years ago? Different story. Anyway — have a great day! Anne.


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