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Tapper's False Information

Fundamental error in ABC News story

| By Greg Fisher

Employers do not use credit scores; they cannot even get them. The national credit bureaus all stated that they do not provide credit scores for employment purposes.

Unfortunately, last month (the tenth anniversary of those statements), a reporter working for a San Francisco television station said, "A FICO score is a credit score, and a credit score is simply a shorthand way for lenders and others to look at your credit report and then decide quickly if they want to lend you money, offer you a job or rent you an apartment-- whatever." #myth2

Finney, M. (2018, April 30). Ask Finney: FICO Score, Indoor Antenna, Toll Collection Refund. Retrieved May 5, 2018, from

That is Credit Score Myth 2 and that was not the first time that that reporter made the same claim (3:15):

Falsity remains

On another website run by the same organization, a false report exists. But the associated text of the latest report in San Francisco changed. The point: False information can be mitigated. #falsity

TO: Jake Tapper, chief Washington correspondent, anchor, CNN
CC: Michael Finney, KGO-TV, San Francisco, Facility ID 34470; [a reporter], ABC News, Disney; Robert A. Iger, ABC News, Disney (via J. Townsend)
FROM: Greg Fisher,
DATE: May 3, 2018
SUBJECT: Re: credit score, employers

You wrote, "A desperate Paulson got down on one knee Thursday night to plead with House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, 'Please don't blow this up' after Republicans balked after a preliminary deal had been announced."

Tapper, J., & Goldman, R. (2008, September 26). President Bush Pushes Bailout Plan; House Republicans Resist. Retrieved May 3, 2018, from

That is false. Pelosi has never been Majority Leader.

Your CNN colleague Dan Merica wrote, "Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democrats see Trump's words as an opening to undercut Republican support for the heretofore private bill."

That is not true. Schumer has never been Majority Leader. What is your correction policy?

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