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AJC publishes same false information about credit scores again

Cox Enterprises CEO James M. Dyer spreads Credit Score Myth 2 via Atlanta Journal-Constitution with help from Leadpoint

| By Greg Fisher

FROM: Greg Fisher,
TO: "John M. Dyer, CEO, Cox Enterprises (via E. Olmstead)"
DATE: Mon, Aug 22, 2016, 12:23 PM EDT
SUBJECT: credit score, employers, Cox, Journal-Constitution, Leadpoint #1608W

John M. Dyer
President and CEO
Cox Enterprises (n567369)
Atlanta, Georgia

You published this false information (typographical error included)

Here are a few of the benefits you can take advantage of, thanks to your outstanding credit...

More job opportunities.Credit[SIC] can play a role in being hired. Many employers check a candidate's credit score during the application process, especially for upper-level management and executive positions that require more responsibility, especially of budgets. [#myth2]

Plum, S. (2016, August 22). Five Perks Of A Good Credit Score. Retrieved from
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There is no author's name in the byline, however, the original post names Shawn Plum as author.

On the contrary, incredibly, the link "Credit can play... "-- presumably provided to substantiate Plum's claim-- leads to an article that states, "However, job seekers should note that their FICO Score will not be disclosed to employers."

More incredibly, that article was written by the same person just this year.

That employers use credit scores is Credit Score Myth 2. Employers do not use credit scores. I looked into it. Make a correction today. Stop publishing false information.

Reply to this message today, Mr. Dyer. I already told people in your organization about this-- years ago. The anonymous response: "Greg, @atlbargains is the best contact for your question."

The article in that case-- dated July 9, 2013, titled "4 ways to get your credit score" and written by Nedra Rhone-- is uncorrected. Correct it today; I am tired of waiting.

See that and more falsity of yours in "Credit scores/employers clarification for Editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution" at

Your false information remains. What is your correction policy?

Greg Fisher
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