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Where the rubber meets the road - Real-life exapmples

(Also, see Credit scores in mortgage lending underwriting)
  • California Housing Finance Agency: "A minimum score of 620, or a score approved by Desktop Underwriter/Loan Prospector (DU/LP) is required to form the basis of eligibility for CalHFA conventional loan programs and mortgage insurance." (2006) ( Rates)

  • Empire Mortgage Silver Series Rate Sheet, 5/6/06

  • Freemont Investment & Loan Wholesale Rate Sheet, 8/2/06 (dead link as of 10/28/07, was at

  • Current Rate Sheet, Goloan Mortgage Banking

  • Lending Tree: "On the basic FICO scale, a score below 620 is generally considered sub-prime, 620 to 650 is good (although you may still be viewed as a higher risk candidate) and above 720 is seen as excellent credit."

    See the credit score distribution and default rates (620 is in the 31% delinquency category, while 720-- which is even below the 723 median average-- is in the 5% category!), and Fair Isaac's comment: "But no score says whether a specific individual will be a “good” or “bad” customer." Also, What is a good credit score?

  • Tejas Scion: "zone 4 Fico 620 and Under" (update, 10/27/07: "zone 4 Fico 649 - 630")

  • Freddie Mac: Selecting an Indicator Score - "... over 660" (now a dead link; was linked to

    Now, see the Freddie Mac document "Selection and Use of Credit Scores," April, 2005. (8/06)
    (10/27/07, now a dead link, was at

    Now, see

  • "A credit score of 620 is the minimum score needed to get the best interest rate for your mortgage loan."
  • (Now an inactive domain; was linked to, 8/06)

  • (now an inactive link; was linked to, 8/06)

  • Rate Sheet
  • (now an inactive link; was inked to, 8/06)

  • 100% Financing (a shadow of its former self; link was to, now just a bunch of ads, 8/06)

  • Credit Scores Explained (was a link to; domain no longer exists, 8/06)

  • FHA FNMA RFC Product RFC Expanded RFC Alternate RFC Core Indy Mac First Nationwide - ("A1 Credit Quality" = "720+ Credit Score") (was a link to; now, just a lot of ads, 8/06)

  • Irwin Mortgage Corporation -- News Letter - "... a borrower must have... a credit score in excess of 620. The eligible loan amount is determined by a borrower's credit score... " (now, just a domain full of ads; was a link to, 8/06)

  • Credit Scores and How They Affect You (now a dead link; was to; 8/06)

  • Fannie Mae FIXED RATE MORTGAGES (now a dead link; was to; 8/06)

  • What's New (now a dead link, was to; 8/06)

  • Credit Grading (was to, now just a bunch of ads; 8/06)

  • MortgageBase Credit and Income Guidelines

  • Beacon Pricing Guidelines (dead domain, was a link to>

  • U.S. Mortgage Corporation:Approval-Qualify (dead link, was to; 8/06)


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