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Two and Two: The missing average FICO credit score

How is America doing? Putting two and two together about the average credit score.

By Greg Fisher

In January, 2009, TIME magazine reported that the FICO credit score company "hasn't gone back to recalculate the average recently." Today, the company sells credit scores and compares them to averages of FICO scores based, individually, on Equifax and TransUnion consumer files.

To: Craig Watts, FICO
From: Greg Fisher
Date: May 21, 2010
Subject: RE: credit score, average


Your website gives an example of an Equifax FICO Score Summary with the words, "Your score is below the average score of U.S. consumers." The score in the example is 707. What is the average?

You also provide a TransUnion FICO sample with the same words. What is the average TransUnion FICO score?

If the average is "somewhere in the mid 600s" as your CEO claims, then how can 707 be below the average?

It doesn't add up.

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