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February interaction

2. Credit Score Myth 7, Groundhog Day in Detroit
Newspaper columnist writes zany article and repeats notion that a balance of 30 percent of a credit line is some kind of rule for so-called "utilization ratio"

2. FICO credit score scale stated by Fannie Mae
Who wrote, "For all newly delivered loans, Fannie Mae uses the 'Classic' FICO score developed by Fair Isaac Corporation with the range of 300 - 850"?

16. Credit reports and foreclosures, Presidents Day in Dallas
A message to the CEO of the Cornerstone Credit Union League about how long foreclosures remain on credit reports

23. #Myth2, credit union party, Alaska and an anonymous writer
Employers don't use credit scores. So, who wrote, "This is a value between 300 and 850... and is used by lenders and employers"?

29. Leap Year, 2016 - False information, credit score range #myth6
A score whose scale is 300 to 850 is not "out of 850." US history as a veracity test. Follow #1602ao.