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Better Business Bureau AK, OR & W. WA on credit scores

The efficacy of a social media message

| By Greg Fisher

The Council of Better Business Bureaus falsely states, "A low credit score can even effect whether or not you get job as some employers take credit score into consideration when hiring."

Employers do not use credit scores.

The company you keep

The rumor mill in action:

Demos influences >> Wisconsin state senator
• BBB Wisconsin piece >> published by Gannett
• Previous contact with BBB Alaska unsuccessful (above) >>
• BBB Alaska >> promotes false BBB Council document >>
• BBB Council document refers to >> false information on MSN >>
• MSN republishes >> false information from U.S. News >>
• U.S. News author is the Dough Roller
April 4, 2013. The reliability meme. Dough Roller states, "Employers will often request your credit score to ascertain how reliable an employee you might be, should they decide to hire you."
U.S. News false information via video

Employers do not use credit scores.

Road trip planning

The social media message failed. If successive types of messages fail, a personal visit may be required.

The Empire Builder then Coast Starlight (or Cascades) routes appear to be the most direct from Chicago.

A personal visit to Consumer Reports' office failed.

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