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Lying Lenders

Goodwill adjustment - Influence: Media, lying
Anarchy, and media's unethical suggestion to usurp the credit reporting system.

creditscoring.com forces Northwestern Mutual to correct itself
Financial conglomerate Northwestern Mutual spreads Myth 11 with preposterous statement about having accurate information kept off credit reports. #myth11

Credit report goodwill adjustment request, New York and Utah
Myth 11 lives on on a government website. Freedom of information in New York. #1504N

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State of New York statement on collectors
Matching paragraphs about credit reports and pay-for-delete on websites of the state of New York and Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Man's work. Proposed progrexion delay.
Myth 11. Utahns and New Yorkers fail to provide names of lenders and collectors who lie to credit bureaus. #Myth11

The FCRA, and despicable, un-American liars
A message to and request for response from a state (#n511) in the United States of America