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CBS furthers credit score myth about more employers

CBS Moneywatch writer Aimee Picchi exacerbates Credit Score Myth 2 after CBS made a correction just months ago

| By Greg Fisher

Another CBS News item repeats the false claim that employers use credit scores, and, that more employers do so.

CBS Moneywatch writer Aimee Picchi writes, "Even though more employers are relying on credit scores to check the desirability of job candidates, evidence is scant that a checkered credit history actually hurts people in the job market, according to a new study from economists at Princeton University, University of Chicago, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Social Security Administration."

Picchi, A. (2016, October 12). Some good news for job seekers with bad credit. Retrieved October 13, 2016, from

Employers do not use credit scores because they cannot even get them. The three national consumer reporting agencies in the U.S. all stated in 2008 that they do not provide credit scores for employment purposes. Those statements were clearly documented eight years ago on this website, the Credit Scoring Site, at, and they have remained.

Removing any doubt that the writer believes that employers use credit scores, in the next sentence, she continues, "Using credit scores for hiring has become an increasingly hot-button issue with lawmakers and public policy advocates."

Last year, Picchi wrote, "The biggest rise in new screenings has come from background checks, with employers checking everything from credit scores to criminal activity."

The efficacy of a social media message is low.

In July, the news organization acknowledged the same error of fact by another writer.

Another article in states, "Greg Fisher from [the domain of this website] created a video collage of media outlets, a mistaken Equifax executive and even a FICO advertisement, all claiming that employers use scores."


CBS News even maintains false information about the history of the United States of America.

In 2012, Lucy Madison falsely reported, "House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi has gone so far as to say that the 'road to the majority runs through California,' an assessment with [SIC]Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee deputy executive director Jennifer Crider readily agrees."

( and contain the same error.)

Rep. Pelosi (D-Ca.) has never been Majority Leader.

Last year, Stephanie Condon falsely wrote, "'There are two men in Washington who can defeat this deal,' Cruz said, eliciting boos from the crowd when he specifically called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Majority Leader John Boehner."

John Boehner was Speaker of the House. Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) is Majority Leader.

David Rhodes is the head of CBS News. Even his biography contains errors (three in one sentence) [2018-05-29 alt]:

David Rhodes is responsible for the ”CBS Evening News”CBS This Morning,” ”CBS Sunday Morning,” ”Face The Nation,” ”48 Hours,” and America’s most-watched news program ”60 Minutes,” online as well as andCBSN -- the first-of-its-kind digital streaming news network available online and on all connected devices.

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