The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

April interaction

11. Credit Score Myth 2, Reuters and employers
Five years later, the bizarre story regarding false information about employers using credit scores continues. 2016-04-11

15. Wasted on Facebook vs. Buick owners in credit scores
Interaction with Gray Television and Nikkei Inc. reporters #1604V. 2016-04-15

19. Economist's false belief about credit scores and employers
It's a good thing his papers say the views are solely those of the author and not the Federal Reserve or the Boston Fed. Credit Score Myth 2 (employers). 2016-04-19

22. Credit score employers myth on WBZ, Boston website
Credit Score Myth 2 repeated again by the same organization. 2016-04-22

26. Credit scores: What's so special about 30 percent?
Message to author of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Working Paper 15-2

26. 700 Credit Score Community, employers, spread of falsity
False information about credit scores, complete with detail, by the National Urban League