The Credit Scoring Site A bleak account 

December, 2014 Interaction index

1. ABC News publishes and maintains false information for years
Falsity. Error of fundamental American history. Disney company misstates a certain person's position in the U.S. Senate; confuses minority party with majority.

3. CDIA, the Consumer Data Industry Association replies
Correspondence with consumer reporting agency (credit bureau) trade association spokesman

17. Real nerds correct their misinformation, #1412k, #creditchat
Correspondence to California regarding #Myth2, data used to calculate credit scores, and a credit score range. Numbers don't lie.

21. NBC News errors
Nevermind credit scores. NBC News can't even get fundamental American history right.

23. Time is not a factor in credit score utilization ratio
There is, indeed, a quick way to increase a credit score: Decreasing an account balance to lower its balance to-limit ratio (the so-called "credit utilization")