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In Canada, employers cannot get credit scores

In the US and Canada, credit report company Transunion does NOT provide credit SCORES for employment purposes

| By Greg Fisher

Credit report company Transunion does not provide credit scores for employment purposes. Asked about its policy for Canada, specifically, it replied last week that employers do not get credit scores from Transunion. Equifax, the other major credit reporting company in business in Canada, confirmed that it does not supply credit scores to employers in that country.

However, a Canadian government website states, "Insurance companies, landlords and employers may also look at your credit report and credit score to see how financially responsible you are before issuing an insurance policy, renting out an apartment or giving you a job."

The actual question posed to TU: In Canada, do you provide credit scores for employment purposes?

Transunion Interactive Public Relations and Social Media Manager John Branham replied, "Employers may obtain a pre-employment credit profile, not a credit score."

A blog.transunion.com index is /author/john-branham/ . However, the byline of posts in that directory is not "John Branham." It is, merely, "TRANSUNION." The blog appears to have a total of three entries, the earliest October 28. So far, the "TransUnion Official Blog" has covered ID theft, campaign contributions and shopping.

Regarding another issue, even though it was included at the bottom of the email message containing the employment question above, a question from a year ago went unanswered again.

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